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    Mensaje por laura el Sáb Sep 26, 2009 12:41 pm

    - Do not post any personal offense against any other user.
    - Do not post any message with racist content, sexist, or any subject that would offend any other user.
    - Do not post to laugh off other people. That incluyes Kumi Koda and any person related with her.

    - Write in perfect english, do not use contractions (like use on cell-phones) it could be difficult for other users to understand it.
    - Keep your posts related with the main post. Do not create a new topic to answer other messages, use the button “Responder” (answer).
    - Post your messages in the proper topic.
    - Do not use the forum as a chat. Post messages, but don’t pretend to hold a conversation on it. This only makes the forum mount trash and also difficults the read and comfortability for other users.
    - Do not use the forum to chat a concrete user. No one has to read if you are interested in talking with X to do Y. If you don’t know his/her information, you have a mail system in the web and the personal messeges (MP).
    - Do not “raise” messages that had no response to make others pay attention, also with old messages that were dealt with in his moment, this provoques new ones go down and “expire”. If you really want to talk about it, create a new topic and then talk about it.
    - Do not make double-post, edit your last one. If you do, a moderador or administrador will warn you.
    - Ask for expired links in: Avisos > Pedidos o Links Caducados, this way we can always know what to upload.
    - Do not post messages and/or responses only with emoticons, it will be considered as spam, al least say thanks.
    - Do not post messages or topics using only capital letters, it can be misinterpreted as you are shouting to someone or something (unless few exceptions).
    - Links to pages with illegal content are forbidden (piracy, warez).
    - The publication of pirate or copyright material is forbidden, also the things that not respect this rules. This includes, and not only means: videos, music, harming files, etc. An example of something forbidden could be a MP3 with copyright whose author has not given permission to share it. An example of something that is allowed could be a free distribution MP3.

    Moderators, blocking, deleted, etc.
    - Forum moderators will never edit, but delete or block a message that violates the forum rules (unless exceptions).
    - Moderators can block messages that have not violated rules and are interesting for every user (for example a FAQ, information about something important, etc.) and could asign it to be always over other messeges.
    - Moderador can only edit a message when it’s a common interest. For example, a guide written by other user, blocked and always visible, wich is added a new comment. Moderador can "move" this comment to the inicial one as an add to help other users reading.
    - If you have something to give opinion/suggest/present regarding to a moderador action, contact directly with him/herself. Do not use the forums to complain or comment this sort of things.

    Signature and Avatar
    The forum lets you upload your own image as an avatar, and also lets you configure your own image as a signature, with a 600px wide of maximum, to appear at the bottom of every message you post. If you are in the ”Top de porteadores” the avatar should be 100x100px as a maximum, or will distort the web structure.

    Notice and warning system
    If you post in this forum it means that you accept the rules. So is it, you accept them and promise to obbey. In any other case, measures will be taken.

    When a moderador or administrador condiders that a user has violated a rule or has commited a fault, a notice will be sent with a PM, explaining exactly what hasn’t been done right, the reason, and an invitation to read the rules before posting.

    Well, this is a friendly atmosphere, everybody has some confidence with each other, which means that not respecting a rule is NOT always being followed by an advice. There are rules wich purpose is only to keep a topic organized, and others are obligatory to keep respecting the other users and everyone feels comfortable.

    If somebody posts a message out of the correct topic and a moderator/administrator moves it, is not going to get more advices. If a user post messages like a chat is not going to get warned either (instead the chat-like message could be blocked), maybe could recive a MP. But, if this behavior is repeated oftenly the system will get started (in this case for example, as a “slight” fault).

    That means, it do exist some flexibility, but a moderator/administrator can’t be editing, closing or deleting messages again and again, especially with one determinated user. To sum up, or this user accepts the rules where has decided to post, or do not post (althought not doing it won’t be a personal decision of himself).

    Expulsions, Suspensions, etc.

    This same warning system allows a user to be expulsated, or getting his/her liberty for posting messages restricted. An administrator will be who decide if a user could not post any messages withing the next 24 hours (for example), or 3 days. Also could decide to check every message of that user before approving its publication. In principle, this should only be applied as a last resort. For example, the administrator asks educatedly the user to stop his/her behaviour, but the user ignores the advice, then gets adviced again, and ignores it one more time. In this case, a decision to forbid this user to post for a few hours could be taken, expecting the user to calm down.

    Final Comments
    Definitely, the forums pretend to be a place where the users can discuss, express their opinions, comment and talk about different issues, always whithin the framework of respect between themselves. At the same time the forums don’t want to be a place where users argue in an inappropiated way (saying no constructive things for themselves and the rest of readers). To that end exist ICQ, MSN, e-mail, IRC, etc.

    If you have any doubts about the rules post them here or send a MP to the administrators (Laura & Mereth)

    Do you accept the rules?


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